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FullyCharged.SHOW & FullyCharged LIVE

        VEVA members at Fully Charged Live talk about the century old Detroit Electric and the history of EVs:

Sandy Munro LIVE @ Fully Charged Live Vancouver interviews Bruce Stout about VEVA's Detroit Electric 

and joins VEVA for TWO years!

This EV Was Made When TESLA Was STILL ALIVE!

Haakon MacCallum talks about the Detroit Electric on Transport Evolved

The 1913 Detroit Electric and VEVA members at the FCL 

EV associations getting together at Mahony’s during Fully Charge Live event.

EV Ready will get your legacy condo wired for electric car recharging!
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    • 12/09/2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • 14200 Entertainment Boulevard, Richmond

    Join us for lunch December 9 at the Spaghetti Factory

    It will be great to join fellow EVers for lunch on Saturday December 9 at 12:00 noon at the Spaghetti Factory, 14200 Entertainment Boulevard in Richmond. 

    Spaghetti Factory Location

    The Spaghetti Factory is a fun and affordable place for lunch.  Have a look at the menu on their website.

    Spaghetti Factory Web Site and Menu

    As well as a fun place for lunch there is a bowling alley next door and a Cineplex movie theatre across the street. 

    There is a DC Fast charger around the corner at the ice rink.

    If you are going to join us please let me know by filling out the form at the link below below.

    Looking forward to seeing you there.

New EV News!

VEVA Members, Jacques Courteau and Donovan Whistler,

participate in a design charette to evaluate the accessibility of EV charging stall designs

On September 12, 2023, the City of Vancouver and SPARC BC (Social Planning and Research Council of BC) tested mock-ups of accessible EV charging stall designs with equipment supplied by BC Hydro.


Jacques and Donovan have been documenting the accessibility of EV charging designs for a number of years and were invited to participate in the charette.


EV charging accessibility is a core interest for VEVA and a special concern for the VEVA Government Relations Committee. As EV charging infrastructure deployment picks up pace, now is a critical time for us to ensure that the roll-out supports accessibility for all. Accessibility benefits everybody, but more particularly persons like Jacques Courteau, Donovan Whistler, Bill Hamilton and other VEVA members who cannot otherwise charge their cars. What we build now will shape the future of EV charging.


The goal of universal, accessible EV charging design is to ensure that all British Columbians now, and in the future, will be able to own and operate EVs and participate in the environmental benefits that result.                 

Accessible EV Charging - Event Summary - final.pdf

VEVA member, Jacques Courteau, helps remove barriers at charging stations

How can I find chargers for my EV?

We have a list of apps and maps for charging your EV on the go.

Members shake hands with the future!

Tesla park royal store West Vancouver 

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