VEVA was registered Feb 1, 1988 under the Societies Act of British Columbia as a non-profit organization that promotes the use of electric vehicles. While our membership is drawn largely from the Lower Mainland we have members from all over BC as well as other provinces and states.

In the new electric car age (circa 2010) most of our members are owners and drivers.  Prior to that time many of our members built conversion electric vehicles including passenger cars and bicycles, and some still do. We meet monthly to discuss current events, electric vehicle regulations and policy, projects under development and to plan for various events which we attend each year promoting the benefits of going electric. Since 2020, our bi-weekly online Meetups have been very popular to bring enthusiasts together from across North America!

VEVA Constitution

VEVA is a non-profit organization (BC Societies Act, Feb 1, 1988) that promotes the adoption and use of electric vehicles.

Its purposes are:

(a) To advocate for, promote and support the conversion to and use of electric vehicles as a vital step in achieving a healthy and sustainable environment.
(b) To provide a forum for individuals and businesses to share their experiences, assist owners and operators of electric vehicles, and to use their collective knowledge to educate each other and the public about the benefits and value of electric vehicles.
(c) Present and participate in events to showcase electric vehicles and related technologies.
(d) Collaborate with other organizations to promote electric vehicles.
(e) Preserve artifacts and vehicles of significance to the history of electric vehicles to ensure these examples survive for appreciation by future generations.

Board of Directors - 2022:

Harry Constantine, President
Roberta Hosegood, Secretary
John Stonier, Treasurer, Past President
Bob Porter, Vice President
Karen Kavanagh, Director

Mark White, Director

Alaric Paivarinta, Director

Malcolm Metcalfe, Director

Kevin Gaetz, Director


Government Relations
Outreach & Events
1912 Detroit  (EV Heritage)  
Media & Public Relations

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VEVA is a affiliated with the Electric Vehicle Association and the EV Society of Canada

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The easiest way to get involved.  VEVA used to meet casually for coffee and discussions most weekends in person every Saturday from 11-1pm.  With COVID-19 we've moved ONLINE to both Saturdays 10-noon and Tuesday nights 7-9pm (Pacific Time Zone)


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VEVA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM


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